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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Change - New perspectives on how to do it in 2015

     Welcome back dear reader to our next installment of 5D Times where today we will be exploring the very hot topic of "change".  It is something we all do all of the time, yet we rarely take time to think about the process itself.  I'm writing this because it seems like something has changed (ha ha!) about the way we are experiencing life and many people are wondering what to do next.

     I have heard from many healers and writers on this topic that a lot of people are experiencing feelings like "I'm tired", "I'm confused", "I can't focus", "I'm no longer interested in the mundane".  These are some of the expressions that are challenging all of us in present time.  It's as if the flow of life we once knew has withdrawn itself and we are trying to get our bearings as to where we are and how to move forward.  So where are we in this moment?

     There is no one answer that fits all to the question.  Each of us is moving forward into a new way of being and living that really has no precedent in modern history.  Each of us is unique, like no two snowflakes are exactly alike, neither are we.  What we do have in common is that each of us is on a journey called "human life" and we are doing it on a planet that has shifted energetically into the 5th dimension.  This is creating new opportunities to experience life in a more expanded way, if we are willing to go into the unknown and claim more of who we are.  That is to say, if we continue to do things the old way we will continue to experience frustration and results that that leave us wanting.

     The reason that many are feeling confused, frustrated, distracted, etc. is that we need to put more energy and effort into becoming more complete in our awareness of who we are.  Also, there are parts of us that would be perfectly happy to not have any change occur at all.  This is reflected in our society socially, politically and economically.  Conversely we also are seeing new changes crop up like grass through cracks in concrete.  There is much being discussed about being more in balance with the planet by creating alternative energy sources that are non-polluting or at least much less polluting.  There is more awareness about the food we eat and how it is produced and the rise in the organic movement over the last 20 years shows many are paying attention to what they eat.

     For the most part we have been trained to follow the institutions and systems of life, such as the government, religions, corporations, etc.  Now there is great questioning going on about whether these can really lead us forward.  They cannot.  They still serve a purpose and that purpose is likely going to be subject to quite a bit of revision in the coming years.  People sense this, therefore there is fear.  "What are we going to do if the so and so stops functioning?"  Hence, the fear of change.   It is driven by the physical, mental and emotional parts of ourselves.  However the spiritual part of ourselves is wanting change, is wanting expression and is wanting creation.

     There is an old saying "There are those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those who wonder what the heck just happened."  It remains true in the present, and it all depends on how conscious you wish to be.  You have a choice in this matter, and there is no right/wrong about it.  It comes down to what feels comfortable to you.  It is a challenge to go to your "edge" as they say and expand yourself to a greater degree.  In this expansion we can allow space for new creation to occur.

     In the 5th dimension, it is all about living on vibrant energy (l.o.v.e.).  Our Etheric energy is a part of the equation that adds up to l.o.v.e. and we need to learn about it, get it touch with it consciously and start using it.  It is where change comes from!  I was reading an article recently where the author said "all change really comes from the future".  How can that be?  Isn't there only the present?  Well, in the higher vibrations time-space doesn't exist as we experience it, so yes, we can and we do "seed the probabilities" of our individual future that then resonates into the present.  The past can still bleed through if we are not willing to take our power, and we call that karma, or fate.  Remember, the point of power is the present moment.

     What has happened is that the old energetic underpinnings of the way we have lived and worked for several thousand years has quietly, almost imperceptibly slipped away.  This is why there is confusion, frustration, etc.  No one said it would be easy!  With the 5th dimension firmly in place, supporting living on vibrant energy it makes perfect sense to familiarize oneself with the new equation.  The first part of this is the etheric, and it is not something you are unfamiliar with either.

     The etheric can be described as part of your non-physical energy.  It is the energy body closest to the physical body and it can be seen with a bit of practice.  It is also seen in nature.  If one relaxes their eyes it can appears as a vibrating haze around plants and trees, even rocks.  To me it is the indication that everything is energetic and vibrating and physical solidity is actually more of an illusion.  You can connect with your etheric energy through imagination, which is a form of active meditation that most of us enjoy.  When one combines their imagination with their heart energy (i.e. sustained passion and excitement) they are performing an alchemical process that will return to them as a reality experienced at some point.

     What I am saying is that we need to take a look at exercising our imaginations on a more regular basis to tap into the larger part of who we really are.  The present world would like to have us believe that all of our needs can be met by our electronic devices and many are somewhat distracted by the overwhelming input of entertainment, information and instant access that it has gotten to the point of overload.  The electronic world is useful, and like all things it is good in moderation.  Once we are able to connect with our etheric energy and combine it with our heart energy (passion) then we are once again on our way to moving forward.  This, I believe is where many of us are presently residing.  We are searching for our passion, our purpose.  We are to one degree or another, claiming our creator energy.  There is no judgement in this, it is just that being more conscious allows us each to have more power in our lives.

     The holiday season is upon us once again and it is a perfect laboratory for each of us to practice using our energy to create an enjoyable time with family and friends.  Many of us gather multiple times this month to celebrate, so why not make it fun using your energy to seed outcomes you prefer?  Sit with yourself for a few minutes each day for the next week, quietly imagining in as great a detail as you can the positive feelings and interactions you wish to experience.  Imagine that your vibration is so high that you radiate l.o.v.e. wherever you go and people can feel it.  Visualize yourself inside a perfect geometry, such as a crystal or an energy construction such as an octahedron or merkaba and that as you go through the holidays no negative energies will be able to "hook into" you.  If you do this you'll find that your interactions with others will be much much more pleasant.  Imagine yourself in good health and cheer too.  Doing this you are combining imagination with your desire (heart energy).  Really feel it as much as possible as being true for you, with no doubt in your mind that you deserve this experience.  You do!  Do this practice for 5 or 10 minutes by yourself, undisturbed for 5-7 days.  Then forget about it and go on with your life as you normally do.  Don't wonder what will happen or if it will happen.  Trust.  Trust.  Trust, and release it to G-d or the Universe or whatever you'd like to call it.  I am certain that if you do this with focused intent and release it, you will have a great holiday and new year and you will start 2015 empowered to use this skill in the coming year to create other things you want.

   See how you may be already preparing for the holidays by thinking with anticipation of the events you will attend and the interactions you will have.  By just focusing this process you are already using just a bit more, your results will be magnified greatly.  It is also important to point out that this is a good time to connect more with the wisdom of our heart.  It is our greatest gift, and is something that can never be turned into a mere computer algorithm.  Work to relax the mental side of yourself, something that we are all using too much these days.  Feel your fuller potential expand as you work consciously on all parts of your beautiful Self.  You are the gift this season.  Make it so.



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