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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 - The year of claiming your power and potential in 5D

      Welcome back once again dear reader my final installment of 2014 and a look ahead to 2015.  It will be a happy new year indeed full of energy and lots of action and activity in our individual worlds and in the larger planetary perspective as well.  I'll get into it in a moment, let's first look back at 2014.

     The year 2014 has been a challenge to many on a personal level as all of us continue to be challenged to adjust to the new paradigm of the 5th dimension emerging on the planet.  Old ways and old habits die hard, don't they?  In the sphere of those I know and interact with there has been much re-assessment and seeking towards aligning with one's truth and purpose at a deeper level.  Many are still attempting to operate from a mental level, yet the heart is beginning to take the lead.  This has resulted in many having health challenges, both physical and emotional.  Relationships have come to an end.  People have been changing residences, or getting the feeling that they might be better off in a new location.  Some have stepped a little further away from the old 3D paradigm and have worked through the 4D level which has created a pause from the emotional turmoil that often accompanies that level of consciousness.  Many believe that the 4th dimension is the next step, but as I have stated previously it is only a bridge.  The vibrations of 5th dimensional awareness is where I believe we need to be aiming to spiral our consciousness towards.

     Some have come to a place where they have done some of the work needed and are in an unfamiliar place of confusion or being stuck.  This is because you and I have left behind a lot of our old ways of being that were comfortable and reliable.  There is this knowing that it is pointless to return to that way of being, yet this big energy of "the unknown" is all that can be seen ahead.  The seemingly endless distractions of modern life have added to the confusion.  It is now time to really appreciate your ability to focus and to discern what is best for you.  2015 will be fertile ground to make your way forward into the new.  What tool do we use?  It is the heart and your imagination.  A bit scary and exciting at the same time, isn't it?

     We are each paving our path forward as we step into it, so in a sense there is no road to see because we are creating it as we go.  Living in 5D means trusting your heart and really "owning" your truth, and not anyone else's.  You are a spark of divine creation inhabiting a physical body that is going through much change.  Be kind to yourself.  Despite the harshness and ignorance we see all around us we must stay true to ourselves if we are to navigate the choppy waters of the coming times.  Stay centered in your own self and practice good energetic hygiene by releasing those things and people that no longer serve your happiness or well being.  "Less is more" is the motto to keep in mind going forward.  Now let's explore the possibilities of 2015 and see what it holds.

2015-Power and potential

     This new year is shaping up to be one of much activity on the world stage.  There are many gyrations of economics occurring that will manifest into clashes of the old and new.  Just because the planet is holding a 5th dimensional vibration doesn't mean there will be many fighting to keep things the same old way, i.e.  wars, sanctions, repression of all kinds.  This I believe will be kindled because of the manipulation of the energy markets (mainly oil) that are currently underway.  If you haven't noticed, the price of oil has dropped substantially around the world.  This will have major impacts for countries that depend on oil for the bulk of their revenues (Russia, Saudi Arabia, the other gulf states, Venezuela, and a few others).  Power in the temporal world is represented through money, and these countries getting less of it means the potential for conflict(war) is raised.  In the USA and Canada the lower prices will mean lower production in the lucrative oil shale(fracking-USA) and tar sands(Canada).  Despite this it is likely the new U.S. Congress will approve the Keystone pipeline as a stepping stone to repealing a nearly 40 year ban on the USA exporting oil products.  The wealthy and super powerful oligarch's will stop at nothing to see this happen, believing that in the long term this will give them even more profits and control.

    Here's the 5D angle that the old dinosaurs aren't considering:  The "game" has changed because we exist in a new paradigm that appears to still be the same old ways.  Remember "less is more"?  All around the world people are beginning to intuitively respond to this and are beginning to simplify their material lives.  In my research of macroeconomic trends it is apparent that many are quite aware that consumption will be declining of all types of things in the coming years.  This, combined with the efficiencies brought on by the computer age makes producing things dramatically easier.  It simply takes less and less people to produce more and more goods and services.  In addition, it is clear that world population trends are flattening.  This means fewer people to consume, and more older people who typically consume much less than those of younger years.  I could go on and on about other emerging trends, suffice it to say that there will be change and it will work out for the best, but not before this last gasp of transition plays out.  I imagine it will be sooner than later, but likely no more than 20 years before it becomes accepted as fact.  Now lets go into some more fun views of 2015.

     Numerology is a science developed and refined by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras over 2500 years ago.  The year 2015 = 2+1+5 = 8.  It is an 8 year.  8 years are good for business and creating new ventures and have good potential for new breakthroughs.  It is a year where the theme will test each of us in how much of our own personal power can we claim.  Do you feel worthy of more?  Do you take responsibility for yourself 100%?  On a deeper level, are you willing to believe that you create your reality 100%, and that your success or lack is based on your willingness to connect to the larger and wiser part of you that connects within your heart?  We all do it to some degree, are you willing to stretch yourself a bit more in 2015?  If so, you will be rewarded for your courage and persistence.  It is really a year to focus on you, not all of the others.  Many will be going into deeper fear and panic and will look to anyone or anything to cling to.  Resist the temptation to want to rescue any able bodied being!  Have detached compassion, bless the situation and keep your ship on course for the journey you have charted for yourself.  By doing this you will act as a beacon of hope for others that they can learn from.  Show the world what you are made of by living your truth with as much passion and vigor as you can, whatever your truth is.  Be resilient, bend but do not break.  The more one listens to their heart the more they have to live in integrity and with high ethics.  Eventually each of our efforts will trickle into all areas of society and transform our corporations and governments to a much higher level of functioning and stewardship than they so poorly emulate today.  As each of us transforms, the world we live in transforms.  It always comes from the grass roots up, never from the top!

     Starting February 19 (Chinese New Year)  begins the year of the Wood Goat.  This sign signifies Yin energy, peace, tranquility and most importantly harmonious co-existence.  The energy of this period will extend through the balance of 2015 and into the beginning of February 2016.  I have found that this system of interpretation is accurate especially in the context of the larger theme of energies on the planet.  While it is likely that the "8" energy I spoke of and the economic chess game being played will result in a lot of activity and the possible threat of war or wars breaking out, I believe this energy will be moderated by the yin energy of the goat year.  People are slowly coming to understand that we are all interconnected and all share the same planet and resources.  Cooperation will be seen as much more desired than military excursions and posturing.  When people have what they need, they rarely resort to war.  Let us focus on this.  There truly is enough for everyone.

     On a final note let's not forget Gaia, our Mother Earth.  She is doing her best to adjust to the changes of once again becoming 5th dimensional and she is eager to have her children (all of us) join her in harmony.  I mention this because my guidance suggested that it is important to bear in mind that the possibility exists that there may be an unexpected change that may disrupt some people for a while.  There has been a lot of volcanic activity along the Pacific "Ring of Fire" and earthquake activity has been regular, although it has seemed to be spread in many areas of the Earth.  It is not her intent to cause dramatic changes that could harm many.  I am merely passing along the message that she asks all of us to do what we can to support her.  It can be as simple as a prayer or just recycling your bottles and cans, or using less plastic.  She says that the all of her residents will appreciate this greatly.  Let us come more into harmony with all of the kingdoms of this beautiful planet.  And thanks for what you already do to remain mindful of our home.

     Happy New Year to you all.  May you be blessed with health and happiness and the opportunity to follow your heart's desires in 2015.

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