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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Where is the 99th monkey?

     Welcome back to the latest installment of 5D Times.  I hope you all made it through the latest Mercury Retrograde period mostly unscathed and in good spirits!  Today's article title was inspired by a short conversation I had with a friend the other day about what is going on for each of us as we move forward into 2015.  This year, both numerologically and in Chinese cosmology is about much creation and expansion, if we allow it.  What I had mentioned to my friend is that I sense we are each being invited to come to learn a little more about our larger being, that of the etheric energy that surrounds our bodies as well as some of the inter dimensional and parallel realities that are knocking on our proverbial doors these days.

     I've titled this article "Where is the 99th monkey" to illustrate a well known story of the 100th monkey.  If you haven't heard about it, some years ago scientists were studying monkey colonies on two different islands.  One of the monkeys figured out one day that washing the sand off of their food, (I think it was potatoes?)made it more edible.  All of the monkeys on the island started emulating this behavior.   The researchers found that for some unknown reason the monkeys on the other island, completely out of physical contact with the others, started doing the same thing!  Hence, the 100th monkey effect.  To me it illustrates the connection energetically we all have with one another through non-physical connections.

     Now myself and many others are wanting and wishing for more.  We want peace, prosperity, freedom of expression, new creation, etc.  In other words we want a more fulfilling and joyous experience in our lives.  This is a good and natural impulse from someone who wishes to evolve, and evolving is what we are all doing right now!  It might not seem so, the illusion that is so prevalent is that things are staying the same or maybe getting worse.  To be a good student of 5D is to remember that we choose that which we want to focus on, so if something or someone is distressing yourself then ask yourself if it is really worth it to you to give attention to that or not?

     Presently I am going to propose that as individuals and society we're at the "98th monkey" status, searching for the 99th, and then finally triggering the 100th monkey effect where we will really start seeing change for the better in our larger world.  Many, including myself, were disappointed that not more profound external changes in ourselves and the world apparently did not manifest at the end of 2012.  Do not fret!  Change is occurring, it's just that it's a bit behind schedule.  One of the things that we do while being physical is we are nearly wholly wedded to the idea of a linear time frame of past, present and future.  This paradigm is only valid in our small segment of existence and the rest of it exists outside of time-space constraints.  Therefore it is not appropriate to give exact linear times to events.  Instead it is better to focus on the events we wish to experience, personally or globally, and then build our energies towards that desired outcome.  Once enough had done this on an inner level, we will start seeing more happening and more happening a lot faster than it ever has occurred in recorded history.  We are challenged with bringing the unknown to ourselves and manifesting it.  This may be scary, yet it is the gift that we give to ourselves when we are ready.

Consciousness, choice and beliefs

     One of the things I do by writing is to challenge and expand beliefs for myself and you as well so we can begin thinking and creating in improved and maybe completely new ways for ourselves.  It is by doing the work that each of us has in front of us that we individually move forward to 99th monkey status, and then to the real party when we attain 100th monkey quantum transformation!  Let's talk a bit about how we can expand in new ways.

     The first thing we each need to do is to take some time and examine our beliefs.  Often we think that beliefs are nearly permanent and we often fight vigorously to protect them, even when they are not really serving us anymore.  Our beliefs are a result of experiences in thought and in actions that have occurred.  It would then follow that if we expand our thoughts and choices of what we are experiencing we can then get to the point where we have created new beliefs for ourselves.  However, habit often short-circuits this process.  We also are limited in our capacity to hold beliefs, so it is very important to release those that no longer serve so we have room to embrace new beliefs about who we are in the present moment.  Try holding vastly opposing beliefs about something and you will feel the conflict within yourself.  Remember, inner peace is that state that we are aiming for, so always check in with yourself as you go through this process.  I invite you to take a few minutes a day to examine your beliefs.  After a few weeks of doing this you'll have a very interesting list for yourself.  You'll see those you want to keep and you'll see those that really aren't in alignment with who you are.  Being congruent with yourself and living in your own truth is very important to moving forward and up the spiral of consciousness.

     Choice is something we exercise every day.  Choosing well is the result of practice, self-reflection and consciousness.  For the most part we make fairly decent choices and get a similar measure of results.  Nothing wrong with that!  If we want to make choices that will propel us to the next step on our journey then we need to find a way to incorporate more of our being into our process.  It is an easy trap to fall in while embodied that we are only our body and personality, isn't it?  Yet we also know that there is more.  Now most of the time we put that "more" into the box of "religious belief" and follow the tenet's of a particular faith.  I am of the belief that we always connected to Source, G-D, or whatever you wish to call it.  We can create more consciousness through our own efforts.  Choice is designed to allow us to see the result of our beliefs in action.  Although that may be a paradox it is not designed to punish us.  It is designed to assist us.

     With increased consciousness comes increased responsibility to oneself.  We begin more and more to demonstrate that nothing is in our personal reality that we haven't created.  However, life is a moving target!  We are in physical bodies that are perfectly imperfect and constantly changing and we need to accept that is how things are.  There is increased energy coming to the planet which is beginning to activate more of who we are.  We can align with this process and make the journey much more pleasant and even joyful, or we can fight it and experience the consequences of that choice.   In the news of the world at this time it is easy to see the people and nations that are fighting change, and those that are flowing with change.  It is a good reminder to put our attention on what we want to see and not what we don't want to see.  Life in many ways is a self-fulfilling prophecy, make sure that despite hardships and setbacks of any type that you imagine things working out better than you'd planned and really believing that!

Where is the 99th monkey?

     The 99th monkey is within us.  It is achieved by allowing more of who we each are to come into our lives, with our permission.  It's kind of silly in a way that we are having to give ourselves permission to be more of ourselves.  Why wouldn't we do that?  FEAR.  It's because through the low vibrations that have been on the planet for so long we have disassociated ourselves from our true selves.  This is why ascension is really a descension of more of one's spirit into form.  We are each evolving what it means to be a human being and we are all an important piece of the Grand Design, more than we know at the moment.

    So here is what I invite you to do.  Get 5 or 10 minutes where you won't be disturbed.  Set a sacred space for yourself in whatever way you would like.  Center yourself in that moment.  Say out loud to yourself (or in quiet if you prefer) "I now allow myself to bring forth the experiences and wisdom that allow me to expand to my next step of evolution."  Really feel it and imagine the feeling of accepting an unknown quantity of yourself to pour into you.  It might be scary to let this happen, yet we're talking about moving forward in the grace of the present moment.  You may want to repeat this daily or weekly for a while, but do not obsess over it, just go along with your daily life.

     I suspect that if you examine your beliefs and do the above request to yourself, you will find that in short order things will begin to happen in your life that you will like, but that you could not have predicted!  What you are doing here is surrendering some of the control from your ego and mental self to your spiritual and emotional selves, and also informing your greater self that you are ready for more.  This will get noticed with great joy.  It is the Atonement that you are practicing for you.  At-one-ment, get it?  You are re-membering!  It does not mean you will disappear from the planet, hardly!  You are doing a great service to yourself, your family and society at large.  It first impacts you, so that is where to keep your attention.  We cannot change our interior environment without the exterior environment following.  It is Universal balance in action!

DNA activation and change

     As we incorporate more of our spirit, our truth as who we are on a larger stage, our physical bodies need to adapt.  You may have noticed a desire for better food, more outdoor time, less mindless distraction, etc.  Are you hearing and honoring these impulses?  Be gentle as you make changes, and if you slip, get back up and continue.  Part of what also is occurring is there are many of us who are working to find ways to activate more of our DNA.  On the surface this seems impossible and many will scoff at the notion, however it IS possible and it IS happening to many, if not all of us.  I refer you to the work of Kryon as channeled be Lee Carroll for further study.  Kryon book 12 is an excellent resource on the properties of the supposed "junk" DNA, which in reality exists at a quantum level that we are now finally being able to reach now that we've grown.

     Remember if you believe it is possible for you, than it is the next step that it is probable that it will occur.  I believe that sound is an essential tool in activating DNA, so seek out sound healers.  Another way is to listen to music with Solfeggio frequencies, such as some classical music as well as contemporary music designed for this purpose.  Light language is an  unusual method, and it is equally powerful.  I have been fascinated by those who practice this type of work.  Two of my current favorites are Judy Satori and Dorian Light, both of which are experts in this field.  I invite you to check them out if you are so inclined.  I am including below a link to a brand new light language attunement that Judy just created for everyone.  It is unusual but if you are willing to suspend judgement of what the sounds are or what they mean, she says they will assist you to move into an expanded ability to think and create.  This I sense is an issue that many are having as the energies are quite different than they were even a year or two ago and it is having an effect on us.  So try it out if you like!

An expanded ability to think and create

This is a short piece, less than 5 minutes, and she suggests listening to it 3 times to activate it fully.

     I thank you for taking the time to consider this path to finding your 99th monkey.  It is by each of us going beyond our concept of who we think we are, and then living it that we will create the 100th monkey effect that will usher in the transformational shift that we are knowing in our hearts is waiting for all of us.  I bless each of your on your journey.  Remember that beyond all of the apparent differences we are on the outside, we all share this common bond to something much greater.  Let it be born in your heart and let it shine out into this world for all to see.



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