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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I know who you are

     Welcome back to a further exploration in living within the 5th dimension.  I invite you to take a few breaths and ground your energy into your body as we go on this journey together.  Today we will explore a bit around what it means to be living in a body on this planet at this time of great change.  It is my intent to offer you some thoughts and questions to spur you onward in your journey to becoming more.

     We are each complex, multi-faceted beings that are beginning to remember some of the tools we have at our disposal.  Keep this in mind:  at it's essence we are spiritual beings of love and light that have chosen to embody within human experience in order to have an opportunity.  What is that opportunity?  Simply stated, it is the opportunity to evolve our consciousness.

     In recent times, I have been directed to become more aware of that part of each of us termed the divine self and I would like to share with you what I have learned so far.  In my understanding, the divine self is who we truly are in a grander context of the spiritual planes.  It is assisting us to make the leap into the unknown, beyond the "small self" of our ego and personality so that we can embody more of who we truly are as we are here in the physical.  I would say that what I have termed as the higher self is "the bridge" to the divine self.  The higher self is with us within the domain of the 8th chakra, approximately 18 inches or 40-50 cm above our heads.  The divine self inhabits a higher plane of consciousness beyond, yet is not separate from us.  There is no separation, it is only in the current experience that we perceive the various guises of separation which in essence are very convincing illusions.

     There is a powerful declaration that I would like to share with you.  It comes through Paul Selig, a prominent channel and author of several books, which he has dictated from his guides.  It goes like this:

I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve. I am here. I am here, I am here.

If you say this out loud to yourself you are affirming that the bridge from your small self to your divine self is open and activated.  You are affirming who you are on a higher level, and inviting it in to you here in this plane of consciousness.  In effect, by doing this you are claiming yourself at an expanded level to be present here and now.


     Why do this?  What will come of it?  I am not saying that some of you aren't already inviting higher energies into your life in a variety of ways.  There is not one path alone by any means.  I happen to resonate with this one for its simplicity and power.  It cuts through all of the resistance and gets right to the core.  Notice how prominently the phrase "I am" is used in it.  Throughout history on this planet "I am" has been used to refer to the Creator, which we are all part of.  There is no need to choose intermediaries to one's own divinity.  You may choose that if you like, and there is nothing wrong with that choice.  In saying this declaration, you are claiming (key word) you on a higher level to be present in truth here and now.

     When we say things like, I am a teacher, I am a lawyer, I am a healer, I am(etc.) we are claiming that energy for ourselves and activating the creator within us to out picture that in our reality.  It engages to motivation to fulfill this declaration through truth.  Now it is also true that we see around us many who claim things about themselves that are not true.  This is not the type of claiming I am referring to, those types of claims come from the small self.  Often the small self, who feels separate in a dangerous world, will claim all sorts of things to build itself up to protect it from a "dangerous" world.  You might also refer to the teachings of the book A Course in Miracles to further illustrate this.  One lesson in that book now comes to mind:  "My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability".  This shows clearly that when one is operating in the truth of who they really are, attack is impossible.  I have also written about this in previous articles that indeed in the vibrations of the 5th dimension fear in all its forms simply cannot exist!

    It is true that this is a bit of a leap to get to from the world we presently inhabit.  It is almost that we all have claimed fear as a birthright.  It is simply an energy of a lower vibration that we are all working on releasing and leaving behind to one degree or another.  Give yourself credit, think of all the times you were in love, whether it was with a partner, a creation of yours, or just with a beautiful day you enjoyed.  You are doing this, now continue to practice focusing on bringing more of it into your life, keeping in mind that what you focus on expands.

In case of fear, do this:

     Presently in the United States we are in the midst of a hotly contested Presidential election.  In this process it is quite easy to see where fear is being used by many if not all of the candidates in one way or another.  I am going to use this to illustrate how one can approach this in order to not give any more energy to the fear, while also simultaneously standing in the truth of who you are.
     If you are claiming your own divine self to be present to you, keep in mind that all humans are created equal in the eye of the creator.  It is just that many have forgotten or even rejected their divine selves, or maybe they remain unaware of it at all.  Look at those people through the eyes of one who knows that they have the same access to this energy as you.  See them in the light of their true being.  If you like you can send them love, compassion or any prayer you may have that they see beyond the illusion of them only being a personality self.  By holding this intent, you and I are then not feeding the fear, feeding the illusion of separation.  Work to stay out of the reactive mind - it is the domain of the small self and it will always choose separation because it believes it must protect itself from annihilation. Any of us do have the experience that the vast majority of our fears never materialize, so embolden yourself to saying no to fear.

The times we live in

     Everything is moving and changing.  It is the way of physical creation on this planet and throughout the known multi-verse.  Each of us is changing with every breath.  At times it may seem like nothing is changing, or worse, things are regressing.  This is merely a very good illusion.  There are choices being made by each and every being on the Earth, and by the Earth herself.

     The problems we face, both individually and collectively, cannot be solved at the level they were created.  These require each of us boldly claiming a larger part of our true selves in conscious awareness so that we can make choices which will lead us to the best possible outcomes.  It is an often repeated error of thinking that we are doing this all alone.  It is by strengthening our connection to our personal unbreakable link to the Creator that will re-build the rickety bridge into a super highway of connection to new ideas and inspiration on how to live our lives.  Many have said that we must tap into the wisdom of our heart and release our over-reliance on the head (mental thinking).  It is not that thinking will go away, it is that we will come to realize it's limits.

     You have a right to be here, in this time.  You are worthy of all your soul has placed in your heart for you to discover and feel as your passion.  You are capable of creating beyond where you are now.  In this transitory period there will be many who will choose to resist change, and there are many more who are wanting change to something better.  This is what we are all witnessing in the United States election, in Europe with the refugee crisis, and in many other countries.  You do not have to be negatively affected by the dramas of others acting out.  Always choose peace and listen to your heart.  It will direct you to where you need to be.  The old and outworn is giving way to that which is coming.  The progress already made in the last 30 years has been remarkable.  Acknowledge how far you have come in your being from that of your parents and grandparents.  Imagine how much more will be available for those just arriving and those yet to come.

Begin to be more of who you are

     Consider who you are for a moment.  How did you come to be?  Isn't  it obvious that the ego personality and body you and I claim as our own, is something that we did not create from our present awareness?  To me it is obvious that a greater part of consciousness that each of us is always connected to has been intimately involved with getting you and I to here and now.  I call this aspect our soul, or perhaps Divine self.  Whatever you may call it, I believe it created a pathway for us to have a human experience in order to have the conditions to achieve the healing and learning that we individually need the most.  It is important to note that each human being has different reasons as to why they have claimed a human experience.  Being human means we have a need to harmonize the mental and emotional information/energy of the human experience in order to create an opening for more to inform our human system.  This "more" is what we invite and receive via the higher self - divine self - soul.  As we do this we do a great service for ourselves and the world around us.  Teach others peace by being peace, teach others love by loving.  To me it makes perfect sense that the essence of our soul energy is love, is peace.  As we bring it in, we infused our environment, our businesses, our governments with this energy and it is then finally reflected back to us in the reality we truly wish to live in.  This is our work at this time.  Stay steady in your efforts, you are greatly loved for all you do in your journey here in this moment.

 Blessings to each of you,


p.s.  I happened to find this short audio/video from one of my favorite channels that supports what I am wishing to convey.  You can find her at  I hope that the message resonates with you.