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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The US presidential election - what does it mean from a 5D perspective?

     Greetings and welcome to another exploration of the unfolding of 5D consciousness on this lovely planet we call Earth!  Today I will be taking a look at the United States presidential election and offering you my thoughts as to what it means from the perspective of living on a 5th dimensional planet, one that still appears to be operating as it always has, but in fact is in the throes of major change.  It promises to be a very eventful Fall election season indeed!

     Why examine this election?  First and foremost, it is a perfect mirror for where mass consciousness is at this time.  By studying this event we can see the interplay of duality working on a large scale.  This by no means is not limited to the United States, it exists in similar forms across the globe.  Secondly, by examining this, one can decide how they will choose to interact with it.  Change is occurring and forms that do not resonate with truth are under increasing pressure to transform or be rendered obsolete and abandoned.

     I want you the reader to know that I do not implicitly support any specific candidate or political party.  My intention is to look at the energy behind these political movements for the purpose of creating more conscious awareness of the evolution that is occurring.  It is clear that evolution does not occur in a straight line, it takes many fits and starts, many failures before success is reached.  It is happening over many years, as much as some of us would like it to change in a year or two.  Overcoming the illusory nature of reality as we have believed it to be takes much preparation and many generations of souls doing their work upon the planet.  That being said we are in a period where we are likely to see some advances in shorter time frames, even if that means the dissolution of certain institutions and organizations we have taken for granted over the last century.

     Like any large country, the USA is composed of many different groups of people.  These people, like anywhere on the planet, are unique souls with varying levels of consciousness.  These varying levels of consciousness and education create many viewpoints that need to be mediated into a coherent pattern.  We call this government.  The great thing about the USA is its inspired constitution and its story.  It was created as a place to escape the tyranny of old Europe with a system of checks and balances built into its system of government.  Even so, in present time and for much of the last few decades it has been a tyrant itself, exerting its political, economic and military will across the planet, even to this day.  So, in this time of the early 21st century there is going to be a need for the USA to re-invent itself, so to speak, in order to remain true to its founding principles and thrive for the next century and beyond.  This convergence of re-assessment combined with the changing winds of political fortunes portends great change in the coming decades.  As more and more continue to awaken to the idea that they do not wish to support the status quo, the fuel for change is ignited!

     Now let's examine the candidates.  As of now they are Donald Trump(Republican), Hillary Clinton(Democrat) and Bernie Sanders(Democrat).  One of these three people will become the next President of the United States, a very important job.  Let's look at some of the adjectives that might be attributed to each person.

Trump:  Huge ego, ambitious, tactless, narrow-minded.

Clinton:  Tenacious, ambitious, mentally tough, experienced.

Sanders:  Principled, idealistic, compassionate, wisdom.

     All of these people are intelligent and capable individuals with decades of experience to draw upon, yet in current polling the two front-runners (Trump and Clinton) have the most unfavorable ratings of anyone running for President in the last 35 years.  Many see this as a choice between the "lesser of two evils".  Perhaps it is not as bad as a totalitarian or autocratic state but it is definitely not how many would have hoped.  Why is this?

     In my view, both Trump and Clinton represent the old order.  This means that they both operate from a strong mental basis and see the current system as something they can "steer" in a way based on their positions and constituency.  They are both enamored of power for its own sake, make no mistake.  Sanders, on the other hand, sees the struggles of common person, and for his whole career has fought for the working class, for which the media has branded him a dangerous Socialist.

     Let's dig deeper.  As I've written in previous postings, the current time period is the returning and re-living of the last days of the Atlantean energy upon the planet, to be resolved through mediating with the Lemurian energies, which also have and equal claim to the human experience.  I identify both Trump and Clinton holding the flag of the Atlantean energy, and Sanders holding the Lemurian energy.  The first is all about mental strength- what you think, not what you feel.  Trump has famously shown that he does not put much value in other's feelings except to inflame negative ones, and Clinton is often accused of having no true definable position except that which her campaign advisers feed her.  Sanders, however, strikes a chord of compassion, eliciting millions of small donations, even having a bird land on his podium during on speech.  The implication is that he attunes to the feelings of many people and of nature itself.

     The assertion I am making is that we in the United States are in the midst of a transitioning of energies of change, from old to new.  This is not merely a generational change, it is an energetic change.  As the older people retire and pass away they are yielding to younger souls with a stronger connection to their sovereignty as spiritual beings living a human existence and they will demand changes be made to align to that innate impulse.  The older generations typically compartmentalize their spiritual energies in affiliation to certain religions and practices at prescribed times.  The souls that have been coming to life on Earth in the last 15 years and in the coming decades are already attuned to being here because this is a 5th dimensional planet.  In the ensuing years we will see turbulence to one degree or another as the old yields to the new.  This will be reflected in governance and political systems not just in the USA but all across the planet.

     It is a given that change occurs.  Most change in the previous half century has been in material comfort for the most part.  However, this is a planet that is in the midst of a great shift of consciousness that will not be usurped by the maintenance of a political or economic status quo.  We as a human species have collectively asked for this change at a soul level and have been making choices as to how it unfolds.  That said there are likely to be a series of critical junctures that will arrive to spur the process onward.  People all over the world are demanding change, while the current system works to placate the masses, it is losing its grip on that as more becomes known about the failings of current systems of government.  No one side has a monopoly on truth, it will be up to the people to decide how to mediate the system through active participation in creating new pathways for people to cooperate with one another while retaining their right to their personal sovereignty.

     As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, we are seeing a reality mirroring back to us where the ego rules, control systems are favored, and where the desire for a more compassionate and just world is beginning to be heard.  These are aspects of the Atlantean and Lemurian energies engaging one another in order to mediate.  It is not about one aspect conquering the other.  Both are needed in a new way, for this new point in time.  The small self (ego) will always endeavor to protect its small kingdom, because it knows no other way.  As we continue to move forward and embrace the unknown of being guided by our heart energies because we trust that part more, we will open to a new way of living and being on this planet.  It will happen, in reality it has happened.  All that there is to do is to cultivate the space within ourselves to allow it to manifest.  Are we ready to take the risk of wanting better at the expense of giving up the known?  That is the question facing each of us individually and collectively at this point in time.

     The manner in which we have created societies, nations and states upon this planet has been based on a system of energy that is no longer supported.  You could say, "well things are much as they have been", but are they?  The energies that are now currently rooted on the planet are those of 5th dimensional consciousness.  All one needs to know about that at this point is that creation is now based on living on vibrant energy (L.O.V.E.)  This means that we are invited (and perhaps challenged) to go beyond a world created by ego(small self) that has love intermixed in it, to a world created by L.O.V.E. with the small self taking a subordinate position.  Looking at the candidate Trump we have a perfect example of one who is totally driven by ego and separation.  He promotes separation with his xenophobic campaign promises and it resonates with all of the other small selves who are in fear.  Clinton is mostly neutral in this area.  She promotes more of the status quo with incremental changes.  This is likely based on her many years of experience with the slow pace of change in government.  Sanders promotes a benevolent vision of caring for people without an explanation of how that can be achieved.  He gives voice to compassion and fairness in how government serves its citizens.  While he is unlikely to succeed facing the entrenched monolith of the current system he is laying the groundwork for awakening many in the younger generations and this is creating more possibilities for the future.

How will this affect us individually?

     If we are honest with ourselves, for the most part the person who becomes President does not limit our choices in life.  Yes, one leader or another may raise or lower taxes, may start or end a war.  They may promote policies that some support and others oppose.  In our day to day lives we here in the USA still have the freedom of choice on how we will choose to live and work.  We are able to participate in shaping the political process if we choose, or not.  My guides have told me explicitly that it is the wish of all persons to improve their lives.  Here we can have a basis of agreement when we select those who will represent us.  It begins with the choices we make within our own families and communities and radiates upwards to states and nations.  It is not top-down as we are often taught to accept and believe.  In the energies of 5D the more we each take responsibility for what we are experiencing and choosing to not pretend we are victims of circumstances outside ourselves, the more we are each reinforcing our alignment to where we truly reside in the present.

     In six months time we will know who has been chosen to lead.  In the meantime, instead of becoming distracted by the political deluge, trust yourself to focus on supporting the candidate that best aligns with the energies of the reality we now exist within - the 5th dimension.  This applies to all candidates for office.  Listen to your greater self when making your choices, and avoid making choices based on what the small self alone may cry out for.  Either way, we are moving forward.  Choose the energies of peace, of grace, of harmony.  They will serve you well.



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