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Friday, March 3, 2017

How to move into change, in the energies of now

     It is clear that we are in the midst of times of great change in our outer world.  Today I would like to address the issue of change in our own personal lives, something that is near and dear to each of us.  My assumption is that change is best served when we consciously choose it for ourselves, rather than let it be dictated by people and events outside of ourselves.  We have little to no control over those inputs, except to how we respond to them, and often we can respond with dismay, or even anger.  However, when we are the instigators of change in our own lives, we can feel a sense of empowerment and satisfaction that far exceeds anything imposed on us by outside circumstances.

     Change is essential if we are to transform, to evolve ourselves in this life.  It can be exciting, it can be scary, and it often does elicit a lot of emotion within us.  Often these emotions can freeze us in the habit of sameness, yet even that state is not perpetual and often it is rather very low energy.  In my own observations of my life and the lives of others we are all subject to the tendency to not often embrace change.  Most of us seem to chart of course of occupation and personal lives that are steeped in habit.  As long as we are able to provide a certain level of comfort and stability often times we lapse into this unconscious habit of not changing.  This is a world-wide phenomenon, part of the human condition I suppose.  Perhaps this is why we are often so fascinated with those who dare to take risks and achieve public acclaim for their exploits.  Our media is saturated with stories of those who have gone beyond the safe confines of regularity and achieved new heights in business, politics, entertainment, science, etc.  What is often not as well known is that few are "overnight" successes.  When I have listened to in-depth interviews of some of these people there are long stories of many twists and turns, seeming setbacks and perilous recoveries that preceded their arrival at success.

     In human life there are three stages of energy that we all go through, which I label as continuum's of energy.  Each builds to a higher octave leading us forward and upward on the spiral of evolution.  They are the stages of care, change and transformation.   If our desire is to become more of who we really are in this lifetime we must address change.  You may find yourself straddling two of these stages at once, there are not distinct lines of separation between them.  No matter where you are in the process,  if you are reading this then you are considering change and that is a good thing.  How do we know where we are at?  Check in with your feeling state.  If you are ill or suffering from something depleting you are are probably mostly in the continuum of care.  If you are now feeling fairly well in your body and emotions and yet restless, you are probably hearing the call "there is more".  I would say that you are now a "step-up" into the continuum of change.  Celebrate this, it is the space you have created for yourself!  Now, what do you want to do with it?

     Change in its highest form I believe, is based on our own greatest dreams for ourselves, put into action and lived out to its fullest expression.  To do more, to be more, to whatever degree you can envision for yourself is the path to your joy in life.  This is not about comparing yourself to others-that is one of the greatest pitfalls of modern society that has been put on us and reinforced by everything we see around us in our electronic media.  I urge you to cast that aside and just be true to yourself while you are in your process of change. This requires a bit more examination of your dreams to make sure that they are coming from your heart and not from purely a place of egotism, although even in that energy there will still be things to gain learning from.  You and I, my dear readers, are aiming to get the absolute most out of our lives, right from where we presently find ourselves, yes?  If so, then let us proceed.

      That what has been, can no longer be created now

     Take in the above statement for a while, even say it out loud if you need to.  There is deep truth within it.  Why?  Because we are in the midst of a vibratory upgrade which I term the 5th dimension.  It has (according to my sources) been in effect only since the beginning of this century, and it is not going to go away.  It is a blessing and a challenge because now creative activities of beings on Earth are open to create in an entirely new and expanded way of expression heretofore not known in history.  I know that this may seem presumptuous to many, however I have taken it on as part of my service to continually announce this to those who have the eyes to read and the ears to hear.  With this new energy any of us who are willing to go into the unknown parts of ourselves will draw forth aspects and abilities that have up until now lain dormant or hidden.  They are now being revealed to each of us as we are willing to go forward into becoming more of who each of us is.  This sounds exciting to me, how about you?

     Change is about movement

     As we can see from recent elections in the USA and UK for example, there is a great desire for change.  No one can deny that there is a lot of movement going on within the spheres of government and business presently, and people are reacting in all sorts of ways.  This movement however is not what I am speaking about for us.  I am speaking about our individual desire for change and claiming our individual power in order to create what we want from life.  It always begins with one person.  If we are going to experience our prosperity and our potential, we must be willing to change and to risk failure in the short run.  After all, failure is good information because it will always teach us something we did not know previously, correct?

     Why can't I just be?  I know I have asked this question repeatedly for years.  Being implies a static state where one is satisfied with one's circumstances as they are.  And while that may work for a long while, eventually what I label "divine discontent" will surface in your awareness, beckoning you forward into  the next step of your journey.  Allow me to place a further definition to the word Be.  Be is actually not a static state in the least.  The acronym I have for it is:  Becoming eternity.  Everything is in a state of becoming, is it not?  We know that the visible universe is in constant motion, everything is always moving and changing, so the old definition of the word be is in actuality an illusion.  Yes, there is nothing wrong with taking a rest, taking time before once more moving again.  My assertion is that life on this planet is all about movement.  So then let us embrace change and get on with our journey's next chapter, shall we?

More love/becoming eternity

     Why do we want to change?  In its simplest it is to become more, to experience more in our lives.  In other words, more love.  This is driven by that spiritual being of consciousness within us, the part which is connected to our Higher Self/Soul that is in this body in this lifetime.  The challenge is that we are also blessed with physical, mental and emotional bodies which are more apt to work towards keeping things the same, not embracing change willingly oftentimes.  This is the conundrum of being human, having to deal with seemingly opposing forces and having to each make sense of this in our lives.  It's quite easy to see that some of us are more emotionally driven for example.  Others are more mentally driven, and lead their lives from a place of thought.  The challenge is for each of us to balance the energy of these beings, our inner family I like to say, so that we don't stand in our own way in the unfolding of our lives.

    These aspects, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual combine within each of us to form self.  The acronym for self that I have is this:  Seeing Eternity in the Living Flesh (SELF).  I've mentioned eternity and to simplify that word you can substitute the word energy.  We are energetic beings.  We live in a world of form that is also energy expressed at a certain vibratory level.  Many of us have seen that when we look at things at the sub-atomic level they appear as mostly empty space.  So we are seeing with our eyes and experiencing with our senses only a partial out-picturing of what reality is, and we can be easily drawn into the conclusion that this is all there is.  This is the illusion.  So wanting change allows us to move forward in whatever manner we choose in order to incorporate more of the vibration of love (which is a frequency) into our lives.  It then translates into the feelings and experiences that are the out-picturing in form that we can understand.  Such results are health, peace, joy, happiness, fulfillment and other similar states of being.

Change is healing to you

     It is said that the surest sign of insanity is to keep doing things the same way expecting a different result.  If you are desiring to change something in your life, you are going to have to 1) release things, people or patterns that aren't serving your desire, and 2) Bring in new elements to your life, 3) Realize that you are in charge of this.  It's not your partner, not the government, not your place of work that will do this for you.  Ever.  You are the captain of your own ship in life.  Change is healing because by going towards what you want next in life, you set into motion entire series of events that you could not have anticipated.  This is the gift of surprise and we all have experienced it.  It's mainly through direct interaction with others, face to face, that much energy can be exchanged.  We are designed to interact with others, with our environment.  Stepping into the change we next wish to do opens the possibility for transformation to occur in your life, and moving into that is giving yourself the gift of evolving on your unique path.

Suggestions for change, how to move into it

     If you are ready to move into an area of change then there are some things you can do to make it easier.  Remember, wishing for change and not being willing to build a stream of conscious effort to support you will likely fail.  Some forethought is necessary to begin.  Remember, this is about bringing in more love for yourself first.

1)  Identify what you want.  What is the end result for you?  How will you feel when you have achieved this?  The main thing here is to "begin with the end in mind".  Spend some time exploring within through prayer and meditation (asking and receiving).  Be brave to act upon what you perceive for yourself.  I am asking you to trust a part of yourself that is less known to you and I, however it is far wiser and far seeing.

2)  What are your blocks?  When we go into the process of change there will be appearing all sorts of blocks to this new thing happening.  Some might be:  Can I really have it?  Can I maintain it?  Do I deserve it?  I have never done that before, why expect to now?  I am sure you've heard these and many other statements in your head when you've gone into change.  Blocks are very persistent energetic impediments that we contend with.  They're not pleasant, to say the least.  Essentially they are composed of low vibrations of fear that the ego self uses to protect itself from "unknowns" which could somehow threaten it.  They don't completely come from just our present lifetime, although most do.  Some blocks are multi-generational and come through our family lines.  The best way to deal with fears and blocks is to go forward like you are not going to be denied what you want.  Don't take one "no" or a block for the final answer.  Remember, this is only energy and your desire is for more love, not more fear.  By applying the energy of your desire which is a higher vibration, you will succeed.  By dissolving a block you create healing not only for yourself but for many, many more.  You CAN have what you want, it wouldn't be in your mind otherwise.  My suggestion is this:  Use fear against itself.  Focus the energy to alter the result (FEAR).

3)  Accept that your body, your life and your world as you know it now in this moment is "perfectly imperfect".  We all have challenges.  We all tend to not want to show those to others out of fear of not being loved or accepted.  If we were perfect what would be there for us to learn?  Be naked to yourself, be vulnerable in sharing your truth.  Do it first with yourself, then with those closest to you, then with the world.  You will gain much insight and support doing this instead of pretending that everything is alright.  Anyone here in a body has healing to do.  How much of it you choose to do is up to each of us.

4)  Keep it simple.  Those who travel lightly in this life are the happiest.  Do not take on others burdens.  Have good boundaries and learn the power of your "yes" and your "no".  Keeping it simple means to regularly take a look at what is not serving you and then removing it from your life gently.  Look at prosperity in terms of loving connections, emotional freedom and abundance to have a lifestyle that you appreciate.  It is easier to carry a bouquet of flowers than a sack of rocks.  Which pleases you more?

5)  Value your ongoing growth.  Change is something that will benefit us at any point in life.  Some years have great change in them for people and some have less.  Decide for yourself how much change you are going to invite into your life this year.  10%, 20%, 50% or 100%?  Even if you invite in 10% change per year, in 7 years your life would be completely different than it is now, and 10% sounds very do-able to me.

6)  Be glad you want change.  Rarely do we want change when we are comfortable.  If you're fortunate enough to live 80 or 90 years you will see a lot of change in the world.  That is life, however it is the change that we consciously create for ourselves that is going to have the greatest impact on us while we are here.  The change that we embrace for ourselves will lead to a life of more.  More what?  More of being what you and I are, and in truth how can that not include more love in all its forms?

     Thanks for coming along on this exploration of change.  It's such a huge topic, and it is so personal to each of us.  I believe that as each of us works to create changes in our lives, the benefits will far outweigh the risks and the feelings of fear that may be keeping us from acting.  I invite you to pick one thing that you can commit to changing this year for yourself.  The energies of support on the planet are ripe to support you.  Believe in yourself and your abilities to be a successful creator,  it is your birthright!





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