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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Your purpose in times of great transition is to be present to You


 There is no doubt that we are living in times of great transition.  Everything is changing, socially, politically, in the environmentally and energetically.  In order to maintain our sense of stability during these times we are going to have to go deeper within ourselves to get the support and assistance we will be needing.  Let me illustrate.  I received the title to this article while brushing my teeth.  Why is that important?  It was in that moment I relaxed my thinking mind and then the idea appeared in my mind without me consciously trying.  It's that type of connection that we all possess and can and do use.  It is that intuitive sense that we can cultivate in order to assist ourselves to answer some of the big questions we may have for ourselves:  "What is my purpose?"  and "Why am I here?" I am going to offer you some of my thoughts and insights with the hope that they will assist you in moving your life forward in a way that pleases you.  I believe that the more happy and engaged people we have on this planet, the better life will be for us all, wouldn't you agree?

     There is no one alive who did not agree to come into a body and exist here, in this time and space.  Apparently a lot of beings have thought this to be a good idea, given that the population of the planet has doubled to over 7 billion persons in the last 50 years.  No one is forced to come to Earth, as there are many places and ways for a soul to develop.  While these aren't usually in our awareness while we are here, they nonetheless do exist.  For the purpose of this discussion we will focus on the fact that we are here, in a body, existing in early 21st century planet Earth.

     One of the first things I heard from a non-physical guide was that we come to the planet for "learning and fun".  I also believe that in the process of learning and fun we are also moving further on our paths of evolution.  Evolution of what?  Evolution of our awareness of who and what we really are.  No there's no doubt that we learn things while we go through life.  We learn to not touch a hot stove, or not drive recklessly for example.  We become more aware of what is truth and what is a lie by experiencing the energies and consequences of both.  Some of our learning is enjoyable, and some of it is quite painful, yet it all serves us.   We each grow and develop a way of being that suits our individual expression and mission for ourselves.  We make mistakes, that is unavoidable.  We also experience successes.  The life of being human is a rich tapestry of experiences because we have a complex interaction of distinct physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves all involved in our lives.  These aspects are also interacting with our Higher Self/Divine Self aspect which is coming more to the forefront of all of our lives as the vibratory rate on Earth continues to climb.  This vibratory increase is ushering in an enhanced awareness of higher consciousness- higher purpose, and higher expression of our spirit while in form.  Just as people a thousand years ago didn't act the way that we do now, of course in a thousand years hence humans will be acting from an even greater expression than we do today.  The opportunity of life is to experience moving ourselves into greater states of knowledge and greater states of love.

     There is a distinction between one's purpose and one's goal that I want to introduce you to.  It was recently brought to my attention and it merits consideration because it is felt by us all.  Over the last decade or two there has been an increasing feeling by many to "find their purpose".  This is a call that many are hearing that is coming from their soul energy via the strengthening connection we are claiming to our higher selves.  We are beginning to listen and this is a good thing.  Many are seeing and experiencing that the paradigm of life that has been presented up to this point is no longer working for them.  The rate of change that is occurring is creating many stresses upon people and nations to find new ways of creating, and the planet supports those that are in the higher vibration of present times.  One's purpose, in essence, is the activation of one's specific gifts and intents from the "soul-side" of existence into manifestation in our human lives.  It is bringing more of the energy of who we truly are, into action in our bodies and in present time.  This seems straight forward and simple, correct?  Well then, why is it so difficult for most of us, most of the time?  It is because of the present human condition, which brings in the concept of "goals".

     One's goal and purpose do not automatically correspond in a life.  I suppose that is part of the reason why we experience many lifetimes.  We may study an issue through different perspectives of many different lifetimes because that is most helpful to us.  This is a question not easily answered from this side of the veil as we have all agreed to experience life and put the "blinders on" from our remembrance of our true state so that we can immerse ourselves in "being human".  One's goal or goals in life may often be at odds with our purpose, because the goal comes from the human side of our existence and is shaped by what we experience as we go through our lives.  My belief is that pursuing our life purpose will lead to more enrichment and fulfillment than if we decide to only meet our human goals, however this means we are each going to have to take some risks.

     In general we pursue our goals in order to feel powerful, accepted, admired and loved because of what we have accomplished or what we possess.  Such things could be a career of perceived high status and/or income, an attractive partner , a beautiful place to live, etc.  Culture says that these things will lead to acceptance and fulfillment.  Yet, there are many who have achieved some or all of these and are still unhappy and even miserable.  (Some are quite happy too.)  I believe that it depends on the intent and the maturity of the person who created it.  We have created a world where millions are racing towards these ideals and completely pushing aside their inner calling because it does not speak to them as loudly as what they see before them.  The curious thing right now is we are at a point where change is going to occur on a global scale because the entire paradigm has shifted to a new level of possibility, one not fettered by past history.  Although it is difficult to see, it is beginning to show itself if you look beyond the tired old dramas still seeking your attention.

     One's purpose, I believe, is about bringing forth one's innate gifts and sharing them in the world in order to create something new, something better, and something more aligned to what is, rather than what has been.  Everyone has gifts to share, there are those who are great leaders, teachers, technicians, engineers, artists, healers to name a few.  Some are living their purpose by creating loving families for children of high vibration to be born into and nurtured.  Some work with the Earth herself to protect and promote harmony with the natural world.  Purpose to me is what makes your heart sing and gets you excited to meet each day.  There is a prosperity that comes from living purpose that cannot be easily measured in terms of money, yet it is often more valuable because it cannot be bought.

Your purpose is tied to partnership

     Partnership or relationship is key to any purpose.  There are fundamental things we take for granted in our reality that have been created for this to even exist in this way at all.  First, time and space are provided.  The experience of linear time is only part of this dimension of life while we are here.  You have been provided a body.   You have been gifted with memory.   These are just a few things that most everyone takes for granted yet are not universal in scope.  For example, good luck fulfilling your purpose living on Jupiter, it just won't work!  We are very much part of the Earth environment, not apart from it.  So firstly, your relationship is to this planet.

     Second, your partnership is with other beings on the planet- family, friends, business associates, romantic partners, etc.  This is where much learning comes from as we attract or repel those by the way we are holding our vibration.  Doesn't it feel very good when we are around those we are aligned with?  Doesn't it feel less so when we interact with those who do not agree with or may even oppose us because of the way we express our truth?  It is through interaction with others that our purpose is fulfilled.  Being human implies that there are going to be connections made between people and energy shared.

     Thirdly, your partnership with the Creator within you is most vital.  Creation can be as simple as performing an action such as making a sandwich, all the way up to performing seeming miracles!  Yes, we all possess that range of creation, yet we rarely test its limits.  Now with the increased vibratory rate on the planet it is only a matter of a short while until people will engage the possibilities and create things in partnership with their creator that would not have been conceived of even a few years ago.  The future will not be based upon the past.  Expect the unexpected and be excited!  It is our strong and active connection to our own creator energy that we are able to achieve our purpose.  Bringing our inner creator online means we are to some degree connecting to our passion.

Purpose is connected to passion

     There is no doubt that one's purpose is always connected to feeling good.  If you want to make more room for passion to enter your life, make an inventory of the things that aren't giving you a good feeling state and start to reduce or eliminate them from your life.  By doing this you will create space for yourself because you have freed energy that you were pouring into these things, people or situations.  Then you will feel a gap or a void, as you now have extra time and energy.  This is the point of change and choice.  This is where you take the risk to choose something new, over repeating old patterns.  Take some time to imagine the happy results of your new actions.  This is time well spent.  Some say we spend more time planning our next vacation than planning on where we are going to choose with our lives- something we live every day.  We all have a tendency to want things to be safely predictable, however these are not the times we are living in, is it?

     Passion is first felt by you, then is expressed in the world as you choose.  It is a great demonstration of self love to indulge yourself in connecting to the things that make you feel alive.  It is about us creating for ourselves an acute consciousness of the present moment, and truly living within it.  Passion is always about being present.  It does not exist in the past or the future.  You may be passionate about a future event, yet you are always feel it in the present moment.

  The next step is to explore increasing the energy you put into things you know and like, and also beginning to explore new things that are unknown to you now that you may be curious of.  In a manner of speaking you are cultivating your thoughts and actions and consciously refining what brings you the best feeling state.  Question your habits.  Are they serving you or are they just a way of keeping you safe from feeling the cues and signals from your body or emotions that it is time to do something else?  Become a master gardener of your own state of being.  The journey and how we hold ourselves while we are here is as important as the destination.  Acknowledging yourself daily, then hourly, then in every moment is a great practice that opens up greater love and greater knowledge, all experienced in the present.

Evolution is happening now

     By being here we are all participating in evolution.  This happens regardless of whether we want it or agree to it or not.  Your agreement is your physical presence on the planet right now, in the energies of 5D.  Everyone is moving forward because they choose to remain on the planet.  There are many who are choosing to leave.  Humans have a wide latitude about how long they will stay.  Much of this happens unconsciously but it does hinge upon how well people are harmonizing with the increases in frequency of energy now here.  As I have written many times before, the 5th dimension is about a frequency of vibrant energy that is all about love, not fear.  The more we align ourselves to love, the easier it gets.  Be mindful of any lower energies of fear that you allow into your awareness and know that you can choose differently.  All you need to do is start listening to yourself and bit by bit you will be able to align yourself with the well-being that is your birthright.

     I'll leave you with this quote from a favorite book of mine called "Living with Joy" by Sanaya Roman.  Take some time to ponder it as you consider a new view of what your purpose might be.
"Everything you have right now in your life, you created from the past.  Everything you have from here on out can be created at this moment, and it can be created differently.  You do not need to know specifically what you will do today or the next day.  You can start by BELIEVING that you do have a purpose, a concrete purpose, and you can begin by asking it to unfold for you."

We're not all here for the same purpose, life is a very individualized journey.  We are all here experiencing our lives as we stand in amazing changes.  Take that next step knowing you are doing it for you, and by loving you more you will also make this world better than it was.  You are the gift.  Please unwrap yourself and celebrate!

Until next time, be well



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  1. Patience is a measure of your understanding of the spiritual purpose of the experience you are creating.When we lose patience we say,and correctly,I do not understand why this is happening.